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Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Golden Retriever Puppies

Goldens are set to steal your heart, whether you are a dog lover or not one as yet. Whoever has a golden retriever in the home gets to love it forever! If you are thinking of adding a golden retriever to your family, it is going to be a decision you’ll always cherish. Read on further to find some of the most important reasons why bringing one of the healthy golden retriever puppies to your home.

Retrievers are full of energy. Goldens were originally bred as sporting dogs. However, if you go on pampering your retriever and allowing them to relax with you, they will transform into couch potatoes.

However, it is important to remember that goldens are highly energetic animals. Meeting your golden’s exercise requirements is an important aspect. The pent up energy can lead to various behavioral problems in the dog. There are several ways to make up for the exercise needs of your golden retriever. These include:

  • Long walks.

  • Running

  • Swimming.

  • Hiking

  • Playing a vigorous fetch game.

If you like to cycle, take your golden to trot alongside you. In winters, the golden can accompany you on cross-country skiing adventures.

Remember, before bringing a golden home; make sure you can meet their exercise requirements. Taking your dog to doggy daycare with other healthy golden retriever puppies and other pets is another way to help meet your dog’s socializing and exercising needs with other puppies. These dogs may behave like puppies well into their ripe age.

Golden’s love to fetch. Golden retrievers have a natural instinct of fetching and carrying items in their mouths. This can be a harmless practice and may involve simple things like picking up toys and prancing around when they are excited. However, this instinct, if not regulated, can transform into a concerning chewing habit. As a responsible parent, physically and mentally train the golden with proper obedience using a lot of toys.

Golden’s shed. Retrievers shed twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. If you have a golden in the home, be prepared to find dog fur around. The dogs experience light to moderate shedding at both times of the year.

Lint rollers are highly useful items in such a situation. There is hardly anything that can eliminate shedding in goldens. Brush their coat at least once in a week to keep it looking its best. Regular bathing of the golden will also help in countering excessive shedding. Make sure you have a good quality brush for this purpose.

Though the grooming needs of healthy golden retriever puppies are more than other breeds, these can be easily done by the owner. Moreover, grooming is a good way to form a closer bond with your retriever. Do not shave your golden.

They have waxy ears. This is something you wouldn’t like but golden’s are prone to waxy ears. This can be due to poor air circulation in their ears. Sometimes, waxy ears may indicate bacterial or yeast infection. It can also be an indication of mites. Make an effort to clean the ears regularly. Several solutions are available for cleaning the ears of retrievers. However, these will change the pH of the ears, making them more prone to the growth of yeasts.

Golden’s are food- mongers: This is a breed that simply loves food. They also have a tendency to overeat. Thus, they have a tendency to become overweight and sometimes obese.

It is important to ensure that your golden is fed on a high quality diet and properly exercised. Do not get taken in with their sad puppy eyes. They also need some tough love for proper care.

Retrievers love water and mud. Healthy golden retriever puppies have a natural affinity to play and have fun in water. However, there may be exceptions. You can use a regular fetch game and a chance to swim; your golden will certainly appreciate this. Take your golden to the beach or build a plastic kiddie pool in your backyard where your golden can play. You can also install a sprinkler. This will not only help them have joyful playtime but also stay cool in summer. If golden’s do not get water, mud will solve their purpose.

Golden’s are not aware of their size. Golden’s are frequently employed in tasks, like drug detection, rescue and search, as they have a keen sense of smell. Golden retrievers have a tendency to follow the smell. Thus, they should not be allowed to roam freely to ensure their safety.

They are intelligent. Golden’s are still used by hunters as they prove valuable to the search and the rescue teams, and also the police to serve as a therapy or guide dogs. Golden’s are highly intelligent. This is what makes them useful for these kinds of tasks.

As golden’s are super witty and tend to be quick learners. However, this does not make it easy to train this breed. You must know the tricks to properly stimulate the golden’s brain. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Sports, obedience training and puzzle games can all help in achieving mental stimulation for healthy golden retriever puppies.

Golden’s, the dreaded garden enemies. You need to fear a golden if you have an award-winning garden and are highly fond of maintaining it that way. The more a golden is bored, the greater is its tendency to dig into the garden. Retrievers like to roll, play and sleep in the garden.

Golden’s are bad watchdogs. The golden retriever is not a watchdog but there can be exceptions. They are very friendly dogs and are more than welcome to be a neighborhood watchdog. They have a rapidly wagging tail that may bruise the guest. However, their loyalty and intelligence should not be underestimated.

Golden’s are family members. Golden’s are family pets and are highly friendly with children. Though the breed of dog is capable of living outdoors, they like to live closely with its human family. Do not be surprised if your golden is following you room to room and refuses to stay more than arm’s reach, irrespective of what you are doing. At such a time, if you are looking for your golden, you will probably find it at your feet.

Golden’s are quiet dogs. Golden retrievers are a friendly breed of dog that is usually calm and quiet. They are easy to train right from basic to advanced levels. Retrievers have a long and dense inner coat giving them a great deal of protection that contributes to their calm and quiet nature. These are very gentle and friendly dogs so it is generally unsuitable as a professional guard dog. It is one of the highly popular dogs in the US due to its calm and lovable temperament.

Golden’s are always eager to please you. Healthy golden retriever puppies are pets that are always eager to please their parents, and anyone who gets near them. They need a lot of attention and can be very clingy. Your golden will ensure that you have a good time with him around you. The dog will obey you willingly and enthusiastically with proper training, and will always be there when you need them whether the times are happy or sad.

Golden’s get along well with other pets. If you bring a new pet home, the retriever will ensure that the new member can get along well in the family. Retrievers will be eagerly warming the other pets in a home, whether they are cats or other pets. They will not only be friendly to the pets but will also help you look after them.

Golden’s are hardworking dogs. These dogs are a man’s best friend for the longest time. If you are choosing a dog for security, companionship and company, the retriever will work hard to earn its reputation. They are more attentive and hardworking than various other dog breeds. They can help in various advanced tasks like hunting, detecting, tracking of narcotics rescue and search, and be the best guides for the visually impaired. You can expect the golden retriever to give its best for the task at hand.

Golden’s are attentive to their owners. Golden’s are bred for attention to their owners. This characteristic is one of the biggest strengths of golden’s. If you are looking for togetherness, you will truly enjoy the togetherness your canine gives you. Healthy golden retriever puppies are the best dogs to befriend and have a need for human attention during their care.

Golden’s have a symmetrical body. Golden’s are symmetrical and powerful dogs that are bred for tough training. It has a muscular body and well-coordinated forequarters enhancing its agility. It has broad and muscled hindquarters, and strong rear pasterns, giving the dog a solid and sturdy gait. Its strong back is one of the important attributes. Golden’s have well-balanced bodies and can easily make out why these are one of the highly popular hunting dog breeds.

These are some of the things that make healthy golden retriever puppies one of the best choices to add to your family.

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